Saturday, January 29, 2011

Well, so here I am, giving it a shot in the blog-world.
Mom suggested a creative writing outlet wouldn't be a bad idea, especially for a writer who most of the time can't force herself to sit down and do it...resulting in much pent-up character descriptions and plots wandering around between her ears.
After writing in short concise sentences all day, it feels good to ramble. I am a reporter for CBC in my everyday working world. Although it requires a fair bit of writing, it's not the kind that really stimulates the soul. Usually all the beautifully contemplative bits get taken out...
Anyway, so the purpose of this blog:
I have decided to try some creative writing exercises, and document their successes here. I could say I will attempt to do one everyday, but I will not set myself up for failure. Small goals.
So, the first is perhaps I will do this every couple of days, and if it's more frequent, awesome, if not, no big deal. I only have myself to come up against.
I figure that through these creative gymnastics it will inspire me again, and perhaps inspire others to try these exercises out as well.
I have been dormant for some reason during the last few months, and haven't been able to muster much enthusiasm beyond lying on the couch, remote in hand.
Maybe it's the cold weather, or the awesome TV line-up on any case, time for a change.
New Years resolutions are for boring people who never have any intention of following them. As a person in a constant state of flux, and trying to better myself with the organic food, special vitamins Zumba ... this is just another step in that direction, towards bettering my mental health.... regenerating some much needed creativity.
Or at least to get me in front of a computer again, writing, even if it's just dribble.
Like any other muscles, the brain must be constantly exercised.
Now, you don't have to be an artist, or even think you're very creative. The fact is we don't all love sitting down to make Christmas ornaments, painting a masterpiece, or knitting.
But I hope you will join me on this journey of inspiration....look inwards and leave that shell of a body behind for a bit while you escape into your thoughts, memories, and observations that NEED to be expressed.
Creativity is not something that comes naturally to most of us, it must be nourished and exercised. And when you practice something like writing, you will find it helps you in every other part of your'll have better concentration, you'll be more even tempered, and you'll find perhaps even just happier.
At least that's how I feel when I write.
So, please join me on this journey.
I will be trying out exercises from the web, from books I have around, and we'll see what comes out! this is my introduction.
Next comes the exercise.

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