Friday, July 1, 2011

I don't know why I remember....

So I finally buckled down and bought "The making of a story" a Norton guide to Creative writing. I highly recommend it. Now I'm going to try out some of the many exercises inside.
They start with the individual, and personal stories, which I like. No better way to start than with yourself.
So, the first one is to evoke some emotion that steers away from sentimentality. All you have to do is conjure up a memory that doesn't have to deal with life or death, or some really significant thing in your life...then start with the sentence " I don't know why I remember, but...."
Write the little story. It can just end, it doesn't have to be anything amazing, just a strange something you recall from your youth....

Here's mine:

I don’t know why I remember the exact pattern of the dress I wore that day, the day I was taken to see a movie on a big screen with my older cousin, whom I wished was my brother, and that way we could live together.

We are also taking Margaret, who sometimes came over and is usually bossy. She wants to be my cousin’s favourite.

I stand at the door of the house. Mom looks me over and smiles.

I am four years old. I have never seen a movie on a big screen before with lots of other people all at the same time.

I look down at my dress, it’s black with little red and yellow flowers on it. I twirl. My aunt comes to the door. It’s time to go. I said goodbye to mom.

I will be a big girl.

We stop off at Margaret’s house. She’s coming too. Only the big kids. No little babies allowed, like my little sister, and hers.

Margaret is eating perogies with paprika. We have to wait. I stare at the wallpaper. It has yellow teacups on it.

My aunt is restless. We are going to be late. She should have already eaten. But she hasn’t.

I sit down and watch her eat.

Had I eaten? I’m asked.

Of course.

We aren’t late after all.

Once we arrive at the theatre, I sink into the seat and don’t move. I can barely see over the heads in front of me.

I sit completely still, afraid I will miss something in the movie. I’ve never seen it before. Sleeping Beauty.

The colours are so bright, brighter than the T.V at home which mostly looks like snow scattered across the screen.

She’s singing, the princess. Her skin is so perfect.

When it comes to the part with the evil queen I’m not scared. Mom told me it’s just pretend. It’s not real. It won’t hurt me. I’ll be okay.

This screen is enormous. It’s like ten stories high. The room with all the seats is the biggest one I’ve ever seen. I will get lost if I get up. I don’t dare.

I hold my breath until the end. And my nervous pee.

When we return back to the house, it’s dark and I’m smiling.

I’ve had an adventure.

I think I'm going to start doing some of the regular exercises from this book, they seem to be very helpful, and

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